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The Dominican Church  

Adress :
Place des Dominicains, 68000 Colmar

Opening hours :
Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday: 10am-1pm and 3pm-6pm. Closed on Sundays 14/05, 11/06, 09/07, 10/09, 8/10, 12/11, Monday 08/05 from 24/12 at 1pm to 27/12 at 10am. Open 01/05 and Wednesdays 17/05, 14/06, 12/07, 13/09, 11/10, 15/11, 13/12.

Started in 1283, the construction of the Dominican church mainly dates back to the first half of the 14th century. It is an important example of the mendicant orders architecture, even if the Dominicans arrived in 1278 were temporarily driven out of the city in 1330. In 1458, the roof and the cloister were damaged by a fire. After that, reconstruction works have been necessary. In 1720, thanks to the installation of a baroque decorating, the church was less austere than before. The Dominican church was during the most part of the 19th century used to non-religious ends, before becoming again a place of worship in 1898. The church has been restored in the early 80 and 90. Around 1475, Martin Schongauers studio created the Altarpiece of the Dominicans which is today exposed in the Unterlinden museum. Since 1973 the Dominican Church owns the masterpiece of Martin Schongauer, Madonna of the Rose Bush, which was exposed in the Saint Martin collegiate church.



Place des Dominicains, 68000 Colmar

Nearest Station : 1,5

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