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A Complete Guide to Colmar–France’s Enchanting Medieval City

Author : Laura Longwell - Travel Addicts
Dazzling colors, canals, the wonder of half-timbered buildings that look like a perfect illustration—these are the things of Colmar, France. Its streets twist and meander into tiny alleys and then open into small squares used by traders and merchants centuries ago.
Its mostly pedestrian center is a festival of brightly tiled roofs and even brighter facades, welcoming the curious. Many visitors blitz through this lovely city on a day trip or a brief shore excursion, but there are so many things to do in Colmar that many can get overlooked on such a short visit. I know because that’s how Lance and I first visited Colmar. (...)

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Colmar: France’s fairytale town

Author : Lucy from the On the Luce Blog
Walking the streets of Colmar is like watching those childhood fairy stories come to life. There’s a wooden turret just perfect for Rapunzel to let her hair down from, tiny cottages that would make the perfect home for seven dwarfs and a candy-coloured bakery Hansel and Gretel would love to get their teeth into. In real life, Colmar is a small town in the Alsace region of northeast France. This is where France meets Germany and the two cultures come together to create a unique mix – think of it as France with a twist. (...)

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Colmar: The Perfect Afternoon in Little Venice

Author : Anna Hammerschmidt from the Come join my journey blog
Colorful buildings, lining cobblestone streets. Canals flowing through the center of town. This is Colmar. More specifically, this is the Little Venice area of Colmar. Little Venice received its’ name as an ode to its’ Italian counterpart. With a name like this, it is not surprise that while Little Venice only makes up a small portion of Colmar, the area packs a punch. A very colorful punch.

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The Cutest Town In France

Author : Anna from the Travel outside of the box blog
Colmar was so adorable that despite the glaring sunshine, I had to remove my glasses; I couldn’t stand to have anything between my eyes and the candy-colored, half-timbered houses that lined the canals. It’s the town from the opening scene of Beauty and the Beast, IRL. It’s what dreams of made of - sugar-coated and dipped in chocolate. (...)

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12 Sites to see in Colmar

by Teri from
A trip to Colmar is a trip to the villages of your childhood fairy tales.  Founded in the 9th century, this town has layers of history and charm. Spared from the wars of the French Revolution and the World Wars, the architecture dates back to the 13th centuries and is a reflection of both German and French rule that controlled the Alsace Region.  As you walk the city, make sure to keep an eye out for dates painted onto the side of buildings.

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Colmar – Hidden Gem of France

Author : Tommy Ooi

Everyone knows Paris & London, yet there are many small villages in France & Europe offers a unique & unspoilt glimpse of ancient Europe, untouched by modern development tracing back to Medieval Period.

Hence it ignites our interest to visit them. One of the must visit village is definitely Colmar, France. 3 Days 2 Nights should be sufficient.

Colmar can be easily reach by TGV train from Paris (3 hours) & only 30 mins from Strasbourg.

All of Colmar’s attractions are concentrated in its old town. Therefore the best way to get around Colmar is on foot.

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35 photos of Colmar, France that prove it’s a fairytale town

Author : Madisyn McKee from the Restless Worker blog

I don’t think there could ever be enough photos of Colmar shared. This little town is by far one of the cutest I’ve ever been to. In fact, I haven’t stopped talking about this fairytale town since visiting.

While Colmar is often compared to its sister city, Strasbourg, I found I enjoyed Colmar so much more. Not only was Colmar smaller, the crowds were thinner and it felt more relaxed overall.

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Highlight: Colmar

Author : Lilly from the I Travel for the Stars blog
Colmar by Lilly from the  I Travel for the Stars blog

Colmar is one of the well-known gems of Alsace, the region of France that borders Germany. It’s rumoured to have inspired the setting for Beauty and the Beast but whether or not it was Colmar or another Alsacian village, Colmar is definitely a town out of a farytale.

The famous picture of Colmar’s “little Venice” is probably the most common one you’ve seen and annoyingly, it might also be the only one you’ve ever seen – but don’t be fooled! This town is absolutely huge for the amount of old timber-framed houses it has, all of which are super colourful and date circa the 17th and 18th centuries. There’s a lot more to see than la Petite Venise, even though taking a boat tour of this area can be quite fun.

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Christmas Markets & Fairy Tales in Strasbourg & Colmar, France

Author : The Navigating Newlyweds

It was a quick train ride to Colmar on the French TGV, and before we knew it, we were in the Petite-Venice area of town. It was so beautiful and charming; definitely straight out of a fairy tale! In fact, rumor has it that the Alsace region (where Colmar is located) was the inspiration for The Beauty and the Beast! (Cue the Beauty and the Beast soundtrack.  “There goes the baker with his tray like always, the same old bread and rolls to seeeeeellll…”)

We kept exploring and found ourselves bumping into numerous Christmas markets. Unfortunately, many areas got pretty crowded as the morning went on, but we still managed to get a snack, some mulled wine, and a Christmas gift or two.

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