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An oasis for relaxation and family fun in the heart of Alsace. The nautical base will welcome you during the whole summer. Come and enjoy the 380 meters beach of fine sand and its...

From 01/06/2019 to 01/09/2019
 Nautical base
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Visitors will find Lego everywhere. Exhibition of dioramas, creation and official models in Lego.

From 29/06/2019 to 30/06/2019
 Exhibition Hall
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During the summer time, take part in convivial folklore animations! Each tuesday evening, in the heart of the old Colmar, rendez-vous with folklore groups for traditional dances...

LE 02/07/2019 Behind the Koïfhus
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National Philharmonic of Russia (N.P.R.) Conductor : Vladimir Spivakov Piano : Alexander Romanovsky To get this 31st Festival off to the best possible start,...

LE 04/07/2019 Saint-Matthieu's Church
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Quoted by the "New York Times" as being among the top 10 festivals in Europe since 1994, during the first half of July, Colmar vibrates to hear the sound of the brightest...

From 11/07/2019 to 08/07/2019
 St-Matthieu (3 Grand'rue), St-Pierre (Bld St Pierre), Koïfhus (29 Grand'rue)
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Conductor : Rani Calderon Clarinet : Sharon Kam National Philharmonic of Russia (N.P.R.) Chœur Philharmonique de Strasbourg From Mozart to Rani...

LE 05/07/2019 Saint-Matthieu's Church
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Conductor : Vladimir Spivakov Cello : Gautier Capuçon National Philharmonic of Russia (N.P.R.) The great French cellist Gautier Capuçon once again finds...

LE 06/07/2019 Saint-Matthieu's Church
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Conductor : Vladimir Spivakov traverse flute : Emmanuel Pahud Violin : Maria Duenas National Philharmonic of Russia (N.P.R.) Virtuosity, grace, gentleness, light and...

LE 07/07/2019 Saint-Matthieu's Church
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Violin : Alexandra Conunova Piano : Michaël Lifits The violinist Alexandra Conunova and her friend the pianist Michail Lifits – they have already...

LE 09/07/2019 Koïhus
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During the summer time, take part in convivial folklore animations! Each tuesday evening, in the heart of the old Colmar, rendez-vous with folklore groups for traditional dances...

LE 16/07/2019 Behind the Koïfhus
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The biggest cultural terrace of Colmar will return in 2019 in the joy and the good humor. A wide range of sound and visual discoveries.

From 18/07/2019 to 21/07/2019
 Natala park
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During the summer time, take part in convivial folklore animations! Each tuesday evening, in the heart of the old Colmar, rendez-vous with folklore groups for traditional dances...

LE 23/07/2019 Behind the Koïfhus
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This renowned fair has crossed two centuries and six decades. Popular event, it is at the same time a general economic fair, an annual appointment for the terroir and the...

From 26/07/2019 to 04/08/2019
 Exhibition Hall
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Bicycle rallye with 5 different tracks (25, 40, 50, 55 and 90 km) on the Alsatian wine road

LE 27/07/2019 Exhibition Hall

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Colmar City Pass
Colmar City Pass
Colmar City Pass

Discover Colmar

Top Things to See  in Colmar

Suggestions de visites

  • Little Venice

    The iconic neighborhood of Colmar
    The « little Venice » is the name given to the course of the Lauch in Colmar. This name probably came from the original line of the houses on both sides of the river, which serves the southeast of the city. (...)
  • Le quai de la Poissonnerie

    Straight out of a fairy tale
    The fishmonger's district is the place where most of the professional fishermen and boatmen of Colmar lived. They were in a powerful corporation. (...)
  • The Pfister house

    Une architecture hors norme
    The Pfister house was built in 1537 for the hatter Ludwig Scherer, who made his fortune with money trading in the Val de Liepvre. Despite its medieval features, the house is the first example of architectural renaissance in Colmar. (...)
  • The covered market

    A unique atmosphere and quality products
    Designed in 1865, this building made of bricks, with a metal frame has had several functions until it returns to its original purpose of market hall. About twenty merchants welcome you there and provide you high quality products: fruits and vegetables, butchery, cheese dairy, bakery and pastry, fishmongering and other terroir delights. (...)
  • Saint Martin Church

    The Cathedral of the Colmarians
    Built between 1235 and 1365 the Saint Martin’s collegiate church is an important example of Gothic architecture in Alsace. Because of a fire in the south tower in 1572 the framework and all the roofs were destroyed.(...)
  • The Koïfhus (former customs house)

    The oldest public building in Colmar
    The Koïfhus had a strategic place at the confluence of the Grand’Rue and the rue des Marchands, two of the major roads in the medieval city. Imagined since 1433, the construction of the current building was ended in 1480. (...)

    The invitation video

    Colmar Museums

    Unterlinden Museum

    The prestigious art museum

    Toy Museum

    For families, geeks and nostalgic

    Bartholdi Museum

    The creator of the statue of liberty was born in Colmar

    Museum of Natural History and Ethnography

    A cabinet of curiosities

    Hansi Museum

    Alsace at the end of the pencil

    The Dominican Church

    To admire the Madonna of the Rose Bush painting

    Major events in Colmar

    Colmar the magic of Christmas

    Christmas markets

    Electeds 2nd European best Christmas market

    From November 22nd to December 29th, 2019

    Colmar celebrates Spring

    Colmar celebrates Spring

    A must event around Easter

    From Friday 3rd to Sunday 19th April 2020

    Music & Culture Festival

    Jazz, World & Classical Music

    From Friday 3rd to Sunday 19th April 2020

     Colmar International Festival

    31 st Colmar International Festival

    Tribute to Claudio Abbado
    Artistic direction: Vladimir Spivakov

    From July 4th to 14th 2019

    Alsace Wine Fair

    72nd Alsace Wine Fair

    The major event of the summer in Colmar
    From July 26 to August 4, 2019

    Alsatian folklore evening

    move to the beat of Alsatian folk music groups

    From May to September, every Tuesday evening

    bloggers stories about Colmar

    27 ideas to visit Colmar in Alsace – Things to do, see and taste

    Author : Laurène - My Weekend in Alsace

    A visit to Colmar is a must-stop while spending a weekend in Alsace. Its reputation as a pretty town is firmly established, and frankly, it is completely well-deserved! It’s a true picture-postcard town, where it’s extremely pleasant to wander around. I don’t believe that I know one single person who didn’t fall under the spell of Colmar! As for me, I can’t get enough of it, even if I have lived there and that I have explored it countless times with friends visiting it for the first time.

    Read the full story

    Things to do in Colmar and Eguisheim: France’s fairytale villages

    Author : Victoria -
    Colmar France

    I was drawn to Colmar after hearing stories and seeing photos from other bloggers that painted a portrait of a picture-perfect town that couldn’t fail to charm (thanks Erin and Simon for the tip!). It’s in the Alsace region of France, right next to Germany, and you can see the German influence everywhere, from the architecture to the pretzel-filled menus. It would be easy to think you’re in Bavaria, save for the stylish window shutters and macaroon-filled bakeries that add a distinctive French touch.

    Read the full story

    The Cutest Town In France

    Author : Anna from the Travel outside of the box blog
    Colmar was so adorable that despite the glaring sunshine, I had to remove my glasses; I couldn’t stand to have anything between my eyes and the candy-colored, half-timbered houses that lined the canals. It’s the town from the opening scene of Beauty and the Beast, IRL. It’s what dreams of made of - sugar-coated and dipped in chocolate. (...)

    Read the full story

    A Complete Guide to Colmar–France’s Enchanting Medieval City

    Author : Laura Longwell - Travel Addicts
    Dazzling colors, canals, the wonder of half-timbered buildings that look like a perfect illustration—these are the things of Colmar, France. Its streets twist and meander into tiny alleys and then open into small squares used by traders and merchants centuries ago.
    Its mostly pedestrian center is a festival of brightly tiled roofs and even brighter facades, welcoming the curious. Many visitors blitz through this lovely city on a day trip or a brief shore excursion, but there are so many things to do in Colmar that many can get overlooked on such a short visit. I know because that’s how Lance and I first visited Colmar. (...)

    Read the full story

    Colmar: France’s fairytale town

    Author : Lucy from the On the Luce Blog
    Walking the streets of Colmar is like watching those childhood fairy stories come to life. There’s a wooden turret just perfect for Rapunzel to let her hair down from, tiny cottages that would make the perfect home for seven dwarfs and a candy-coloured bakery Hansel and Gretel would love to get their teeth into. In real life, Colmar is a small town in the Alsace region of northeast France. This is where France meets Germany and the two cultures come together to create a unique mix – think of it as France with a twist. (...)

    Read the full story

    Colmar: The Perfect Afternoon in Little Venice

    Author : Anna Hammerschmidt from the Come join my journey blog
    Colorful buildings, lining cobblestone streets. Canals flowing through the center of town. This is Colmar. More specifically, this is the Little Venice area of Colmar. Little Venice received its’ name as an ode to its’ Italian counterpart. With a name like this, it is not surprise that while Little Venice only makes up a small portion of Colmar, the area packs a punch. A very colorful punch.

    Read the full story

    Images of Colmar published on social networks

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    Tourist Office of Colmar and its region

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    68000 COLMAR - FRANCE


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