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Castle of Kaysersberg  

Adress :
68240 Kaysersberg Vignoble

Opening hours :
Open all year long.

 : Yes

Descriptif lieu

Former city of empire, Kaysersberg has its imperial castle. Built around 1200 in order to block the roads coming from Lorraine, the village is an important strategic place in the war between the Empire and the Dukes of Lorraine. An enormous cylindrical keep, one of the oldest round keeps in Alsace, whose walls are more than 4 m thick, is a curiosity in itself.

Inside this wall and under the protection of the dungeon, you can also admire the lordly dwelling with its pointed arch windows!

But above all, don't deprive yourself of a magnificent view: take the 122-step staircase that will lead you to enjoy a splendid panorama of Kaysersberg 

the entrance to the valley on the mountain side, the vineyards and even Germany's Black Forest in good visibility.

Come and discover the castle with your family thanks to the scavenger hunt - the imperial city, one of the riddles to be solved in this emblematic place.

From the old town, two staircases and a path through the vineyards will take you to the remains.

Jours d'ouverture et horaires

From January 1st 2024 to December 31th 2024
Start hours
  Open all year long.


Durée de l'activité
  30 min
Public ciblé
  Adults (individuals)


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68240 Kaysersberg Vignoble

Nearest Station : 10

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