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1974 à 1978 - Woodstock in Colmar !

It was just a few years ago, but it already seems like ages. 5 short years in the city´s history, 1974-1978, but five years that had an enormous impact on the music scene both in Colmar and over the whole of the region. Organised by Colmarian Thierry Rohmer, the festival formed a gigantic "who´s who" of 70´s rock legends that will stay for ever in the memories of those lucky enough to be at the concerts.

Pink Floyd, Jethro Tull, Wallenstein, Slade, Genesis, Lou Reed, Rory Gallagher, Van der Graff Generator, Ange, Manfred Mann, The Who, Uriah Heep, Kraftwerk, Ritchie Blackmore´s Rainbow, Magma, Tangerine Dream, Santana, Status quo, Black Sabbath, U.F.O, Peter Gabriel, Frank Zappa, Blue OysterCult and a whole host of others. The rock fan´s dream.

There were 12,000 people at Pink Floyd´s 22 June concert in 1974, with hair flowing down their backs, faded jeans and bare feet, gathered in Colmar´s open-air theatre to listen, dance and celebrate the music. Roads all around were jammed and it seemed like the whole world had come to the city´s own Woodstock.

today, this traditions continues every august during the "Festival de la foire aux vins"