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Colmar: The magic of lights

All year round, an original lighting concept

1100 computer-driven light sources, using the fibre optics cable network, are skilfully distributed throughout the town and thus allow an original light show throughout the year, which varies in intensity and colour.

Like a magic paintbrush, it redraws the town, applying fresh contours and new reliefs, enhancing a thousand and one architectural details.

The town is illuminated from nightfall on Fridays and Saturdays throughout the whole year, and every evening during major events marking the life in Colmar : the International Festival, Regional Alsace Wine Fair and Christmas in Colmar.

Designed by architects of light

This project to use light to enhance the town´s heritage was realised by the Town of Colmar, the Tourist Office and Vialis and also architects of light and based on two types of lighting system which are operational throughout the year; one is static and the other dynamic.

The static lighting system picks out landmarks (houses, gables, roofs) pointing the way to your progression through the town and linking the various "Districts" one to the other.

The dynamic lighting system cross fading on the "beacon" sites which attract your attention and creating the ambiance which corresponds to the chosen period (change of colour or intensity leading to a definite change of setting as the hours go by).

Four themes were used to create the directing schedule behind these illuminations : water, air, earth and fire.

Blue, which corresponds to the air and to the sky, brushes the rooftops; sea green, very evident on the river banks, accentuates the reflections of buildings and trees in the water; white symbolises the fire of faith when it alights on church towers. As for the colour golden amber, it represents the earth of Alsace, a land of transition and exchange.

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