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-An Alsace and Alsace Great Wine production of dry and aromatic wines, of which 91% are white.

-A bottle-filling at 100% in the area of production.

-An exclusive bottle, protected by law; the flute of Alsace.

-119 wine-growing town councils.

-15500 hectares of A.O.C vineyards in production.

-An annual average A.O.C wine production of 1, 15 million hl (more than 150 millions of bottles).

-18% of the French production of white A.O.C wines without effervescents.

"Excessive drinking is detrimental to your health. Please drink with moderation".

The 7 Alsatian vines

  The Sylvaner, light, refreshing, fruity and subtle.
  The Pinot Blanc, soft and delicate, with a touch of freshness.

The Riesling, dry, fine, with a subtle bouquet.

  The Muscat d'Alsace, dry, with flavours of fresh grapes.
  The Pinot Gris, powerful and soft, with a complex bouquet.
  The Gewurztraminer, full-bodied, robust, with a great aromatic richness.
The Pinot Noir, red or rosé, with a fruity taste reminiscent of cherry.
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